10 more days until Fall Brawl! Help me help sick kids!

Only 10 more days until our annual fund raiser to benefit Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.  Want to help out?  Come play video games with me November 4th at the Flashback Lounge in Watertown.  Don’t like video games?  There will be card and board games too.  Don’t like console games?  That’s why we are setting up a LAN and playing a bunch of PC games.  Like to play games but don’t have a game system or PC?  There will be free play areas and tournaments on publicly available systems, including a Tony Hawk 2x tournament and Mario Kart 8DX on Nintendo Switch.  Don’t have time, can’t come, don’t like video games, don’t like board games, don’t like PC games, don’t like card games, don’t like people, and don’t like sick kids?  Why not donate and not show up then.  You won’t have to have fun or see people and that money will help sick kids not be sick kids.

Donate here: