Lets Play Some Games!

LanCannon was founded with the idea the computer and video games should be a social experience.  We organize events involving networked computer games (and sometimes console games) designed for a full night of fun.  Serving the greater Watertown, NY area (and sometimes Oswego, NY), we strive to promote social computer and video game events where everyone can have fun.


Our Story

LanCannon was founded in the early 2000's (2002?) under the name GameBits after one too many late night LAN parties at home had outgrown the living rooms and basements.  With a desire to build and expand our local community of PC gamers, we threw nearly 10 LAN parties over in our first 3 years, eventually pausing for a few years asto not compete with a local LAN center that opened.  After it's closure, GameBits was reborn and rebranded as LanCannon (mostly because I let the domain lapse and it got scooped up by someone else).  Now, we throw occasional events geared for competitive, cooperative and team based PC games.  Also, we have snacks.

Meet the Team

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Reuben Hwang

Sushi Chef and Eater of Bean Dip.



Vice President

Carefully crafted with a side of Dipping Sauce


The Network

Packet Router

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Next Steps...

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