LAN Parties

Bring your own computer and plug into our network!  We play games, eat snacks and have fun at all LanCannon events.  Make friends, punch zombies, shoot aliens and bash orcs with local gamers.

Low Pings

Local network games have less lag and lower pings than possible with internet gaming.  Plus, you can hear the excitement and disappointment as other gamers win or lose.


Every LanCannon event has Snacks! Either provided by the venue (sometimes at a cost) or by LanCannon volunteers, we always make sure you are well fed and ready to game.


What about money?

We collect entry fees to most of our events.  These fees are to cover venue and organizational expenses and any extra is donated to Extra Life.    This helps sick kids get better, so they can grow up and be big string gamers and have their own LAN parties.

Next Steps...

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